Joshua's Place

After much thought and deliberation, I have decided to take a very different direction with this website and blog. I haven't blogged regularly in a few years anyway. After several years of blogging, I decided I wasn't a jounalist, and never wanted to be. My blog became a place for me to post editorials, rather than news, and those posts became very infrequent. But I am still very opinionated, and I still want to get my thoughts out there, for anyone who cares to listen. About a year ago I discovered twitter, and began using that platform to microblog, and post links to news stories I care about. That is something I enjoy far more than I ever did blogging. I also use facebook to post my thoughts. So in the near future, I will go through all of my old news posts, and the ones worth keeping, the ones with editorial content will be posted as notes on facebook. Any other news type posts will be discarded, as old news is no news.

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