My Ambitions

  1. Marry the woman of my dreams.
  2. Have at least two children.
  3. Start my own business.
  4. Be more involved with CBC.
  5. Get my Father's book updated and published.
  6. Build my own computer.
  7. Build a home theater room in my house.
  8. Take my children to Lads to Leaders Conventions.
  9. Become a deacon at my church.
  10. Give $1,000 dollars to charities.
  11. Travel to New York.
  12. Travel outside of the country.
  13. Watch a play or musical on Broadway with my wife.
  14. Learn a second language.
  15. Live to see abortion banned.
  16. Learn to play the Piano.
  17. Attend a President's Inaugural Ball.
  18. Go to CPAC with my wife
  19. Attend CES
  20. Attend a Republican Convention
  21. Meet a President
  22. Attend the Olympics.
  23. Attend my High School Reuninion.
  24. Take my family rock climbing.
  25. Take my family on camping trips.
  26. Take my children to a NCAA Basketball game.
  27. Take my family to Walt Disney World.
  28. Travel to London to visit the filming locations of the Harry Potter films.
  29. Stay at the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont
  30. Travel to Austria, and see the alps, and filming locations of The Sound of Music
  31. Go Skydiving
  32. Have a pool in my backyard