Woman of My Dreams

The purpose of this list is to explain in clear terms what qualities I desire in a woman, specifically in reagards to a long-term relationship.

  1. Someone who will enjoy going to church with me, be it a church of Christ, or other non-denominational Christian church.
  2. Someone who will be willing to put up with a millitary lifestyle: Bonus points if she is millitary.
  3. Communication is essential for a strong relationship. A partner must be able to share and discuss her joys, problems and feelings with me.
  4. Someone who is committed to being sexually pure until marriage. Past encounters are not looked down upon.
  5. Someone who loves children, and wants to have and take care of children of our own.
  6. Someone who believes that one's political views should be a reflection of one's religious/moral values, and would be willing to discuss hot topics with interest.
  7. Someone who has some similar interests, and whom I could enjoy favorite activites with.
  8. Someone who can be independent: Someone who has friends and favorite activites of her own. Someone who will not be "clingy" all the time.
  9. (a) Someone who I am attracted to, spiritually, and physically. (b) She should also be attracted to me.